Keep Hope Alive

When choosing five of the United Nations millennium development goals, Prof Russel Botman saw the past, reflected on the present, and envisioned the future. Botman not only framed his vision for Stellenbosch University but to the broader society.

Yes, the five areas of development still need attention and hard work. These goals are:

  • eradicating poverty and related conditions;
  • promoting human dignity and health;
  • promoting democracy and human rights;
  • promoting peace and security;
  • and promoting a sustainable environment and a competitive industry.

These goals formed the basis for the Hope Project that Botman grounded in the education philosophy of Paulo Freire. Botman envisaged a better future when drafting these goals and education philosophy. When reflecting on his approach to framing transformation, it speaks directly to the very issues we are currently still grappling with, not only in South Africa but worldwide. The COVID-19 pandemic emphasises the interrelatedness of our global challenges concerning poverty, human dignity, human rights, industry, and the environment.

Botman’s hope that Stellenbosch University prepares future generations to be educated and overcome the potential challenges that hinder this goal. For this hope to stay alive and valid, the Russel Botman Bursary Fund strives to build a better future and believes in creating opportunities. In the hands of future generations, a new future is dawning. Keep hope alive.

By: Dr Beryl Botman