This December raises critical issues our world is currently facing. With the first three days of the month commemorating those affected by AIDS, the abolition of slavery and people living with disabilities, it challenges us to put our hearts, minds, and bodies at the disposal of struggle and strife.

More so, we are celebrating Reconciliation Day, which should be a catalyst that should help and inspire us to reconcile and learn past mistakes where we did not do that. We should take days like this as an opportunity to reconcile with one another in just and fair ways to make the world a much better place for all who live in it.

After that, the month ends with religious feasts. Christians celebrate Christmas, Buddhists celebrate Rohatsu (Bodhi Day), Jews celebrate Hanukkah, and Zarathost Diso is a Zoroastrian celebration.

If we could reconcile with one another, respecting one another’s traditions and all of us as a collective of humanity, we can turn this into a season of giving, remembering, honouring, with the future in mind.

We, the Russel Botman Bursary fund at Stellenbosch University, wish all who have supported our students over this festive season. With your donations, we have been able to provide some students with bursary opportunities for their qualifications. Please continue to donate in the spirit of giving, reconciliation, better health, remembering and honouring.