Inspired by Memory

Some of our country’s most memorable pleasant and unpleasant moments are continuously commemorated and celebrated. We see it in the statues and buildings that decorate our country, we hear it in the victory songs we sing, we celebrate it on days dedicated to these memories. One such day that commemorates a national memory is Human Rights Day. On this day, we remember the year 1969 and the events that inspired the movement for human rights like equality, human dignity, freedom of movement and residence, language and culture, and the right to life. Professor Russel Botman was both honoured and revered for his fight to advance equal human rights for all, which was part of what inspired him to create the Russel Botman Bursary Fund.

When I remember Prof Botman, many monumental things come to mind, including his dedication to Church and his beloved community during his lifetime and the honour and applause he continues to receive long after his passing – not just in South Africa but on an international scale too. While these are all good memories to behold, it is just as important that these memories inspire us to contribute to a better present and future.

Make choices today that will leave memories that inspire others and contribute to a legacy of equality for all by donating to this fund today.