Freedom isn’t free

Freedom is hardly ever free, not given but fought for. This is also the case in the freedom that the decades of resistance before 1994, in particular, brought. They were decades and yes, historically, centuries of strife and resistance.

Today we can celebrate our freedom that formally came on 27 April 1994 – the day all of us together as one country cast our first vote for a democratically elected government. This one-time act of expression of freedom opened our world on so many levels. Our democratic path was not smooth at all, but steadily we progress as women, men, and children toward a free society.

Freedom isn’t free also means that with rights that freedom brings come responsibilities. The freedom of access to quality education is what the Russel Botman Bursary Fund chose as a contribution to building a better, more equal, open, and compassionate society. Students at Stellenbosch University are granted bursary opportunities to fulfill their educational potential.

These opportunities taken bring responsibilities. All we expect from our recipients is to complete their studies as well as they possibly can and when employed contribute to the RBBF towards the opportunities of other deserving students. The receiving of a bursary grants students the freedom of practising the careers of their choice and passion.

Along with them, we urge you to donate according to your conscience and financial ability towards the Russel Botman Bursary Fund. Forward education. Forward democracy. Forward freedom. Forward responsibility.