RBBF Donors

The Russel Botman Bursary Fund committee members would like to sincerely thank all the donors that have contributed over the years. Without your generosity, we would not have been able to positively affect the lives and educations of the young people that were able to reach new heights and attain a formal tertiary education that would otherwise have remained an elusive dream.

Any contribution to the fund makes a difference, so we encourage our existing donors to continue to show support for this worthy cause.

 “Our vision for our country and continent is a future free from poverty, where the human dignity of all people is protected, where our social and ecological systems are healthy, and where peace, security and democracy are safeguarded.” – Russel Botman

If you believe in this vision, then this is the how you can help us achieve it. Education is a crucial component of success, and the Russel Botman Bursary Fund is the vessel of opportunity that can lead South African youth to a fruitful future. Please make a donation to this worthy cause by clicking on the button below.